Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property has the potential to be the most valuable asset that an artist or business will ever own. It is imperative to have a plan on how to protect it and make money from your creations.



A copyright is the exclusive legal right given to the owner, commonly the creator, of unique literary, artistic, or musical material to produce, reproduce, perform, record, display, broadcast, and/or make derivative works of any such material, and/or to authorize or assign any third parties the right to do the same.


Our attorneys provide legal services for artists in the performing arts, handling a wide range of transactional, litigation, and arbitration matters.

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Intellectual Property Agreements

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With the changing landscape of sports law on both the professional, collegiate, and amateur levels it is important for athletes to know their rights under their agreement and how to navigate the intricacies of performance contracts, incentives, endorsement agreements, licensing one's likeness, and more.


Technological advancements have been the catalyst for significant improvements in the way we share information and connect with each other.

Trademark design


Once you’ve created an unforgettable brand, we will want to protect it.